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Here we’ll be taking a look at what could possibly be the all-around best air quality monitor, the Airthings House Kit. If you’re serious about the air quality inside your home, you may be on the lookout for a full-fledged air quality monitoring system that can help you stay on top. Thanks to the Airthings House Kit that real-time monitoring of indoor air quality in every part of your home at the same time is now possible.

Airthings House kit Review

The key to keeping your family healthy is to ensure that the air they’re inhaling is free from any harmful contaminants. While we all know how polluted and dirty the air outside your home is, not many people know that the air inside their homes can be unhealthy too. The air inside your home may contain a harmful radioactive gas, radon, which is one of the leading causes of lung cancer.

Now this calls for close monitoring of the indoor air quality of your home. No one wants to be breathing in something that can cost them their health. The air inside your home may be or may not contain any harmful components, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Airthings House Kit Review

The Airthings House Kit, as you can tell by the name, is a complete kit for indoor air quality and radon monitoring. It consists of one Airthings Wave radon detector, one Wave Mini and a Hub for accessing the data about the quality of indoor air anytime, anywhere. It’s a multi-room monitor that enables you to keep a check on all the important aspects of indoor air quality, including radon and TVOCs level and temperature and humidity. 

Unlike other radon detectors and air quality monitors that only allow you to get the readings on any one room, the Airthings House Kit makes it possible to monitor the air quality of multiple rooms at the same time. 

With the Airthings House Kit, you can monitor the radon levels in the air inside your home continuously. Not only this, but its compatibility with smart home systems enables you to take the right actions at the right time to ensure the air inside your home is fresh and healthy at all times.

Features of the Airthings House Kit

It won’t be wrong to say that the Airthings House Kit is a one-stop solution to all your indoor air quality monitoring needs. It’s a complete package for people who take the indoor air quality very seriously. We’ve listed down some of the most prominent features of the Airthings House Kit that make it such a catch.

A Complete Kit

The Airthings House Kit is unlike any other radon detector and air quality monitor. It’s not a single detector but a set of 3 different Airthings products; the Airthings Wave, Airthings Wave Mini, and the Hub. 

The Airthings Wave collects the data on radon levels and the temperature and humidity. The Airthings Wave Mini keeps a continuous, real-time check on the volatile organic compounds. Finally, with the help of the Airthings Hub, you get to access the data at any time, from anywhere, as it brings all the connected devices online.

So, whichever aspect of the air quality you wish to check, you can do so with zero hassle.

Accurate Readings and Efficient Monitoring

The Airthings House Kit provides accurate, real-time readings of radon and TVOCs level in the air, along with precise data on the temperature and humidity. Radon gas is a serious threat to your health. It’s one of the primary causes of lung cancer in non-smokers. The Airthings House Kit provides real-time, accurate data on radon levels in different parts of your home. 

As for the TVOCs, they’re constantly emitted from your household appliances, and they can cause disruptions in essential body functions. The Airthings House Kit helps you keep the level of these harmful compounds in check at all times. 

High humidity levels can lead to the growth of mold inside your home, and that is something nobody wants. Not only is mold unsightly, but can cause serious respiratory issues. 

The Airthings House Kit ensures that your home is clean, safe, and healthy place to live. 

Integration with Smart Home

Another plus point of the Airthings House Kit is that it’s compatible with multiple smart home systems. The live data features make full integration into a smart home possible. You can receive the measurements related to air quality, set alerts, connect to a smart product like air purifier, thermostat, or humidifiers, and give voice commands. It works with Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Assistant. This is not at all. With the Airthings House Kit and Smart home integration, the possibilities are endless. 

Additional Device Setup

Although the Airthings House Kit consists of three individual instruments for air quality and radon level monitoring, you can always set up additional devices and incorporate them into your Airthings House Kit. If you think the addition of another Airthings product will enhance the efficiency of the House Kit, you can do so by all means.


You can connect the Airthings House Kit to your smartphone via Bluetooth and access the detailed data on your phone through the Airthings App. The online dashboard displays each of the factors of air quality clearly so that you’ve got the exact picture at all times.


The Airthings House Kit is super easy and convenient to use. With easy setup and easy access to the data, one can stay ahead of any dangers. Moreover, with the Airthings Wave, that is also a part of the kit, all you’ve to do is wave in front of the device and see the device light up in either green, yellow or red, giving you an instant indication of your indoor air quality.

You don’t have to worry about sending the kit to a lab for retrieving the results. The excellent convenience is one of the many reasons why the Airthings House Kit comes so high up in recommendations. 

Wireless Connection

The Airthings House Kit comes with Bluetooth and Smart Link connectivity that makes it possible to stay updated in terms of the quality of air inside your home. 

Airthings House Kit Cons

There isn’t much that you might not like about the Airthings House Kit. The only thing that you might find troublesome is the time it takes to calibrate after you put the batteries in. It can take up to several hours to a couple of days before it gets fully calibrated. 

Comparing the Airthings House Kit with Other Airthings Products

Airthings House Kit vs. Airthings Wave Plus

Airthings House kit Review

The Airthings House Kit is an ideal choice for conscious homeowners who want to ensure that the quality of air inside their homes is optimal. However, the Airthings Wave Plus takes the air quality monitoring a step ahead. It consists of additional sensors, including sensors for monitoring the pressure and carbon dioxide content of the air inside your home. Apart from the sensors, the Airthings House Kit and Airthings Wave Plus are pretty much similar in features.

Airthings House Kit vs. Airthings Home

The Airthings Home is a pretty basic radon detector. You can use it to detect and monitor the real-time radon levels, but that’s all it can do. The Airthings House Kit, on the other hand, provides accurate data for radon levels, TVOCs, humidity, and temperature. Unlike the Airthings Home, the Airthings House Kit doesn’t feature a display screen on the device. But then, the Airthings Home doesn’t come with Bluetooth or Smart Link connectivity, so you can’t access the data on your smartphone any time you like!


Monitoring the quality of air inside your home is a great way to ensure that your home is a safe and healthy place to be, especially if you’ve got kids or elderly living with you. Monitoring the air quality can help you prevent numerous issues that may arise due to poor air quality, like the possibility of someone at home getting sick, or mold development from high humidity levels, etc.

You have other cheaper options to monitor indoor air quality, like traditional radon charcoal kits, the multi-room, multi-use, and real-time monitoring with the Airthings House Kit is something you won’t get elsewhere. So, it’s justified to say that the Airthings House Kit may be the ultimate solution when it comes to indoor air quality monitoring.

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