The Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor | uHoo vs. IQAir

If you’ve been thinking about it for a while, but can’t decide which is the best indoor air quality monitor for your situation, here we’ve compared two of the market-leading indoor air quality monitors – uHoo and IQAir – in detail so that you can pick what suits your needs and budget the best.

A healthy home is equivalent to a healthy you. You may cover all aspects of cleanliness in your home, not leaving any stone unturned – from mopping to scrubbing to dusting – to ensure that your home is clean through and through. But wait a minute – did you check the air quality? 

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Well, our question might have caught you off-guard, and that’s okay. Not many people think about indoor air quality because they assume the air inside their home is clean and healthy. It may come as a shock to you, but the air inside your home isn’t always as healthy as you think it is. It can be contaminated by harmful gases and contaminants that you may breathe in without even knowing.

What is it that you should do to ensure that your home is a truly clean and healthy place for you and your loved ones? An indoor air quality monitor is what you may want to consider. 

The Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor

UHoo Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The uHoo Air Quality Monitor is one of the most popular products in its respective category. The question here is –is it worthy of this popularity?

The uHoo device monitors and analyzes the air within its surrounding area and provides you with a detailed report on what the air inside your home contains. It is a lot more than just a sleek and simple design.

The uHoo Indoor Air Quality Monitor is equipped with an incredible number of sensors – 9 to be exact. It can detect the temperature, air pressure, humidity, TVOC, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, PM2.5, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide levels in a room. Although it’s a very small device, the performance it delivers is definitely not proportional to its size. 

The device measures each of the factors of the air quality and notifies the user immediately in case any of these factors reach a threshold value. It allows the users to address any issues related to their indoor air quality in real-time. 

You can connect the uHoo Indoor Air Quality Monitor to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and access the data any time, from anywhere. The uHoo app displays the quantitative data, along with graphical representation, to help the users stay notified of the quality of the air inside their homes.

IQAir (AirVisual Pro) Smart Air Quality Monitor

The IQAir Smart Air Quality Monitor is an excellent option for those who want to get a bigger picture of their home’s air quality. This smart air quality monitor provides detailed data of both the indoor air quality and outdoor air quality. 

It provides data about carbon dioxide levels, humidity, temperature, PM2.5, and AQI. Not only this, but it also informs you when the air quality of the indoors or outdoors is very poor. What makes the IQAir Smart Air Quality Monitor such a hyped product is its ability to keep you informed about the air quality inside your home and the quality of air in your city, and any other city that you may want to keep a check on. 

It displays when the quality of air is good and also notifies you when it’s poor. If you want to access detailed data, you can always do so through the mobile app. The IQAir can be connected to your mobile device via Wi-Fi, and there you have it – all that you want to know about the quality of air on your phone. 

uHoo vs. IQAir AirVisual Pro Air Quality Monitor

Coming back to your original concern about which one of the two is a better option when it comes to monitoring the indoor air quality, let’s compare the two in detail.


The uHoo Indoor Air Quality Monitor is equipped with 9 sensors that provide data on the levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, TVOC, nitrogen dioxide, temperature, air pressure, humidity, and PM2.5.

On the other hand, the IQAir Smart Air Quality Monitor provides data about the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, AQI, and PM2.5. Considering the scope of data collected, the uHoo Air Quality Monitor stands superior as compared to the IQAir Air Quality Monitor.

Data Representation

As far as data representation is concerned, the IQAir stands superior to the uHoo Air Quality Monitor. There is no on-device display of the data in the uHoo Air Quality Monitor, whereas, the IQAir features a large digital display that provides easy to understand and interpret data right on the device.

The IQAir monitor displays the results as good, moderate, unhealthy for sensitive individuals, unhealthy, very unhealthy, and hazardous, depending on what the AQI is. That’s not all. It also shows similar ratings for your state and any other part of the world that has an air quality monitoring station. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Both the uHoo and IQAir air quality monitors have Wi-Fi connectivity, which makes it possible for you to connect your device to a smartphone and get real-time data on the indoor air quality at any time. The app breaks down the data into detailed figures and graphs for you to better understand the collected data. 

Compatibility with Smart Home Systems

Another common feature of the uHoo and IQAir air quality monitors is their compatibility with smart home systems. They’re both compatible with IFTTT. You can use both these devices with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and other similar smart home systems. 

Weather Forecast

One plus point of the IQAir Smart Air Quality Monitor that the uHoo device lacks is the ability to provide a weather forecast of up to 3 days. The IQAir can help you plan your outdoor trips in a much smarter way.

It’ll help you decide if the air quality over the coming 3 days is healthy enough for you to go outdoors. This way, you can rely on the IQAir monitor to plan your outdoor trips, and ensure that you don’t get exposed to any toxins or contaminants that might be hiding in the air.

Accurate Updates on Outdoor Air Quality

Once again, this is another area where the IQAir beats the uHoo air quality monitor. While the uHoo Air Quality Monitor offers highly accurate data when it comes to indoor air quality, the IQAir tells you when exactly it is a good time to go outdoors.

It even notifies you to close the windows when the air quality outdoors is poor. It also tells you when you need to turn the indoor air purifiers on to address the poor indoor air quality.

It’s something the uHoo Air Quality Monitor won’t help you with. Although it does notify when you need to take action to address the current air quality, the IQAir stands superior. 

Allergen Sensor

Both the uHoo and IQAir AirVisual Pro monitors are equipped with allergen sensors (PM2.5). The PM2.5 is one of the most hazardous allergens that can get into your bloodstream through the lungs.

It causes serious allergies. However, if you’ve got either of these two air quality monitors installed in your home, you can rest assured that you’ll know when there’s PM2.5 in the air. 


The uHoo Air Quality Monitor is more expensive than the IQAir AirVisual Pro, owing to the greater number of sensors. Although both the air quality monitors provide detailed, accurate insights about the indoor air quality, the uHoo device covers a greater number of air quality aspects, making it more expensive.


After looking at the uHoo Indoor Air Quality Monitor and IQAir AirVisual Pro Air Quality Monitor, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that both are great options. The uHoo monitor is suitable for people who want to keep a check on the indoor air quality, whereas the IQAir is more suitable for people who are equally concerned about indoor and outdoor quality.

The uHoo Indoor Air Quality Monitor has a clear edge over the monitor by IQAir due to the incredible number of sensors that it is equipped with.Although it stands on the pricier end of the scale, we would suggest you invest in the uHoo Indoor Air Quality Monitor if you’re concerned about the quality of air inside your home only. Our conclusion is that this premium product is worth the price.

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