How to Hide a Gun Safe in Plain Sight: The Best Home Gun Storage Options

how to hide a gun safe in plain sight

Sometimes, the best way to hide a gun safe is not to hide it at all.

Whether you’re hiding your firearms from thieves or burglars, the feds, or curious kids, it’s worth it to consider keeping them in observable areas.

Still, you’re probably going to have some questions about how to hide a gun safe in plain sight.

So let’s go over the best storage solutions that will allow concealment of firearms even in the most public or most-frequented areas of your home.

In this way, even if a guest were standing next to your gun safe while talking to you, they wouldn’t suspect a thing.

The Gun Storage Technology

There’s no question of how far gun storage technology has come in recent years.

Today, you can acquire gorgeous shelves and furniture that also double as effective gun storage units.

Some models even make use of magnetic locks to prevent unwarranted entry more effectively.

With these items, your guns will be locked and safely hidden, plus they’ll be ready to go in the bat of an eye.

How to Hide a Gun Safe in Plain Sight

When it comes to hiding your guns in areas where people usually frequent, there are quite a few possibilities.

That is because gun storage units, as mentioned, can come in the form of home and office furniture.

Thus, you can conceal firearms within coffee tables, mirrors, shelves, hangable, and many other items.

Below are some of the best ideas to hide your gun safe in plain sight.

1. Gun Storage Furniture

Most of the time, a typical gun safe won’t discourage someone who’s after your guns.

Thieves will do everything they can to pry the unit open and, if they’re not able to, they’ll even take the whole thing with them.

Of course, if you correctly install your gun safe, there’ll be no prying it off the wall.

Still, people will know where you store your firearms.

What about if an intruder passes a coffee table, bookshelf, mirror, or bench? Would they even bother looking at or stealing it?

In most cases, they’ll probably would pay no thought to these items since they obviously don’t look like units for storing guns.

That, right there, is the magic of gun storage furniture. If you think these units are perfect for your needs, here some of the best ones in the market today:

Gun Storage Bench

Are you planning to hide your gun safe in your bedroom? We say that’s a great idea!

A really good location for storing firearms would be at the foot of your bed, using a soft-sided hidden gun storage bench.

In this way, whoever visits your room won’t suspect a thing.

This piece of furniture has become a hit among responsible gun owners, thanks to its affordable price tag.

It also comes in various shapes, sizes, and designs to match your bed’s style and structure.

Still, we suggest you pick one that’s made of solid wood since that’s usually most effective at preventing unwarranted entry.

how to hide a gun safe in plain sight

Curio Cabinet Gun Storage Unit

Apart from the bedroom, hiding your guns in the living room is also a great idea. If you own a curio cabinet gun safe, that is.

None of the guests in your living area would suspect you’re armed to the teeth with this storage unit.

For most models, you can find the secret storage area at the back of the curio display.

Keep in mind, though, that this arrangement can still fail when the furniture itself isn’t high quality.

You would want to select a slider curio cabinet with a traditional design and a modest display section with glass shelves.

That is something likely to fit well in your home.

As with any type of hidden gun furniture, the key to selecting a good model is to make sure that it both looks and works well as furniture.

If it only functions well as a gun storage unit, you may not be able to keep it hidden.

Secret Mirror Gun Safe

Here’s another piece of hidden gun furniture that’s great for the master bedroom.

It’s a full-length mirror that can conceal an entire range of firearms, from pistols and handguns to rifles and other personal defense weapons.

Should someone else be in your bedroom with you, they would not expect your “secret mirror” to be anything other than it.

The mirror isn’t only designed to blend in with your other furniture pieces but also houses some of your go-to firearms.

With this amazing gun safe that comes in the form of a full-length mirror, you no longer have to worry about finding an inconspicuous unit to keep your handguns and spare magazines.

2. Smaller Storage Units

The advantage of having smaller hiding locations is they’ll be even more difficult to detect.

Likewise, you won’t have problems with where to keep or install them.

No one would suspect handguns and magazines would be stashed in an organizing tool or a knife drawer.

One of the most unlikely places anyone would think a rifle is hidden is behind a picture.

However, you would need interior wall space to install these units.

Of course, if you think they would take up too much space, then go for the smaller options.

Here are some of them:

Hidden Gun Shelf

This tiny and affordable hidden gun shelf system is perfect for small handgun owners.

It both looks and functions as a shelf and gun storage unit.

Plus, no one looking at it would ever suspect it was housing firearms.

Gun-Concealing Walk Clock

Now, here’s a perfectly inconspicuous place to hide a gun.

Not to mention, with this type of hidden gun storage unit, there would be no need to carve a hole in the wall.

All you have to do is rotate the clock hands until they assume the unlock position, then push on its upper half.

That should open the hinged door and expose a small gun chamber.

Gun-Concealing Free-Standing Clock

In case you prefer another clock-concealment option, this may be right up your alley.

With this option, you have a storage unit to keep at an arm’s length away.

In this way, you can grab your handgun and be ready for action in a moment’s notice.

Most of the time, these clocks are made out of wood, meaning they would fit in with any traditional home decorations.

The Fake Air Vent

If you’re looking to hide one or two handguns, then the fake air vent could be just the place to do it.

This hidden gun storage unit is designed to meet the normal structure of most houses.

Nothing about these vents also indicates that they’re housing a couple of handguns and some ammunition.

They’re among the simplest kinds of diversion safes.

Under-the-Desk Gun Storage

Concealing a pistol or two under your desk is certainly convenient in some scenarios.

This is particularly true for those who are fond of hiding their guns inconspicuously in places that are super easy to access.

how to hide a gun safe in plain sight

3. DIY Options

Although time-consuming, creating your own hidden gun storage allows you to build a safe structured specifically around your needs.

Coat Rack

As far as DIY gun storage options are concerned, the coat rack is the easiest to construct.

That is because anyone with fundamental woodworking skills will probably be able to do a good enough job at building one.

You can cross out hanging your gun above the bedroom door by doing a simple coat rack design.

In this way, the venture doesn’t have to be challenging or too time-consuming for you.

Floating Shelf

One weekend will likely be all it takes to get this particular hidden gun storage project done.

Of course, that is if you have the woodworking skills to back you up.

There are plenty of ways to go about creating the floating shelf safe that you can look up online.

Choose a style that best fits with your home decor, so your safe will mostly go unnoticed.

Dresser With a Secret Gun Compartment

This unit is one of the more popular DIY projects for today’s gun owners.

As such, you’ll also find a ton of ways to go about it online.

Make it a point to choose quality materials, such as wood, for these types of ventures.

They may be expensive, but they’re safe, and safety is not something you can put a price on.

Hiding Guns in Your Clothes

Yes, many gun owners do this all the time, but how comfortable actually is it for them?

Even in the case of high-quality holsters, they will still get uncomfortable when worn for long hours.

Well, the good news is that a range of hidden gun apparels are available for you to choose from.

If you’re the type who needs your gun with you all the time, you’ll want to check online for some of the best apparel options for housing guns.

An excellent choice would be a pair of comfortable tactical battle pants.

4. Home Engineering

If you feel you aren’t creative enough to build effective and efficient hidden gun safes, then let the professionals do it for you.

Some companies don’t just offer gun storage furniture, but they will offer to hide your entire safe.

A bit pricier than most of your other gun-concealing projects, creative home engineering offers benefits beyond safety and function.

With this option, you can have an entire room built for hiding your safe.

These rooms can have an espionage feel and design to them that grants you easy access to firearms and makes you feel cool.

Of course, not everyone would be on board with this option. Aside from not exactly being affordable, it can also take a long time to execute.

Hiding a Gun Safe in Plain Sight

We offered some awesome ideas on hidden gun safe storage based on what’s currently possible in this day and age.

By the looks of things, your options on how to hide a gun safe in plain sight are only going to get better, particularly where gun storage furniture is concerned.

Still, the bottom line is: if an intruder doesn’t suspect anything valuable to be there, they’ll barely give it a look.

You might also have some ideas for hidden gun safe storage that we haven’t included or discussed.

Maybe you’re not even comfortable hiding your firearms in plain sight, at all. Whatever the case, you would want to choose a high-quality gun safe from a renowned company to store your weapons.

In that way, you’ll have a unit that’s great for safety, access, and protection.

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