Safety Siren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector Review

safety siren pro 3 long term radon detector

According to the EPA, radon ranks number one in the causes of lung cancer among non-smokers.

This hazardous gas is responsible for more than 21,000 deaths every year.

Thus, it’s essential to keep your home and workplace free from radon to ensure a healthy environment.

For radon elimination, you will first need a device that detects and identifies radon levels in the air around you.

Such devices can alert you whenever the levels rise over the threshold to take the necessary measures.

The Safety Siren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector is one of the top-rated in the market today, so we decided to check if it’s worth the hype or not.

Safety Siren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector

This detector is a high-quality, reliable product from the company Family Safety Products.

Located in Michigan, USA, the brand manufactures poisonous and hazardous gas detectors to make your home safe.

They aim to provide enhanced protection solutions to keep your family and loved ones safe from lung ailments and breathing disorders.

The SafetySiren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector is one of the best-selling products from their radon range.

This fantastic device quickly detects the colorless, odorless gas through its cutting edge technology so that you can keep an eye on the levels at all times.

It updates the readings every hour for you to get accurate information about the radon gas whenever you check.

This way, you can easily track a pattern of emissions in your area and decide whether you need to take mitigation measures or not.

Who’s This Product For?

The SafetySiren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector is a digital hazardous gas detector formulated especially for home and office use.

It’s an accessible and affordable solution for homeowners willing to make their living spaces safer and cleaner for their families.

Significantly, the SafetySiren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector is essential for people who have a history of breathing disorders.

But a radon detector is also recommended if you live with kids or older people.

Even if your area doesn’t risk high radon emissions, it is still better to have this device around your house.

The SafetySiren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector can identify the gas levels if they ever increase.

It is easy to use and helps you regulate the radon levels, keeping yourself and your family away from potential cancer risks.

What Is Included?

Except for the batteries, the SafetySiren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector package includes the things you’ll need to set it up right away and get started.

The digital device comes with a wall-mount, which helps you fix it anywhere in your home.

Preferably, you should mount it in places where you spend most of your time, like your living room or bedroom.

Along with that, the SafetySiren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector has a long cord with a high-quality plug-in system compatible with any 120-volt household plug-in point.

It also has an in-built LED display where you can quickly check the radon levels without any hassle.

Moreover, its automatic alarm will alert you when the levels rise above the favorable threshold.

The SafetySiren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector can also run on backup battery power, but the 3AAA batteries don’t come with the package.

Overview of Features

This radon detector from the Safety Siren Pro 3 series has the features you’ll need to stay safe from the hazardous gas.

It can automatically test your home for radon traces every 24 hours and provide both long term and short term readings.

The long term readings allow you to monitor the radon levels for about a month.

Similarly, the short-term readings let you check the levels in the past week.

The SafetySiren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector also has a lightweight, durable design.

You can use it for long intervals and won’t disintegrate or lose its efficiency.

Additionally, the product is certified by the EPA, so you can safely use it at home without any side effects.

The SafetySiren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector is also highly accessible and easy to use for anyone in your home.

You simply turn the power button on and choose from the four main functions to fire it up.

The clear LED numeric display makes the readings legible and prominent.

The minimum and maximum levels are shown for easy interpretation.

The device is also highly customizable. You can choose to turn the alarm alert on or off according to your preference.

Similarly, you can conduct manual tests whenever you want instant results and get accurate readings to the minute.

It has two power sources: three AAA battery and electricity.

That means you can mount it in your home, take it with you at your workplace, or on your outdoor excursions to regulate radon levels in those areas.

Also, in the case of electricity outage, you can easily convert the device to battery mode and continue running without any trouble.


  • Easy installation
  • Accurate hourly readings
  • Audible safety alarm
  • Data storage for over five years
  • Clear LED display with legible numeric reading
  • Durable construction
  • Compatible with most household electricity outlets


  • Not compatible with WiFi or Bluetooth
  • No AAA batteries included
  • The LED screen is small compared to other models

How to Install the Device

This Pro 3 Series device takes almost no time to install. All you have to do is plug it in as soon as you unbox it.

It has a sleek and space-saving design so you can mount it on any wall you like.

Remember, when you plug the SafetySiren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector in for the first time, you will hear the alarm beep four times.

That means your device has already started tracking the radon levels in your area.

Once you turn it on after plugging it in, the device will give the first accurate reading according to the location.

If you’re taking it to your workplace, you can reset the menu bar’s location settings. Then, it will show an accurate location.

Similarly, you can use the menu button to customize the alarm system and conduct manual updates whenever you want.

If you’re using the device for extended intervals, make sure to plug it into an electrical outlet.

That’s because the SafetySiren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector tends to use up the battery in a short period.

SafetySiren Pro 3 Alternatives

Now that you know what to expect from the SafetySiren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector, you might have some needs that it doesn’t meet.

As such, if you’re not satisfied with it and want another option, we have found good alternatives that you can consider.

Corentium Home Radon Detector by Airthings

If you want a compact and more portable alternative to the SafetySiren Pro 3, the Corentium Home Radon Detector by Airthings is an excellent option.

Unlike the SafetySiren radon detector, this one relies solely on three AAA batteries for operation.

This way, you can take it anywhere you want. Also, you can install it in your home without the hassle of extra wires and cords.

Besides that, the device will run seamlessly without any fear of power outage and short circuit failures.

The Airthings radon detector also has cutting-edge sensitivity that shows you exact radon readings right away.

You can view both long-term and short-term readings on the device.

You can also conduct manual inspections to get real-time readings and check the device’s efficiency.

The best part is, you can download the Airthings app to customize your Corentium Home Radon Detector online.

Also, you can get immediate answers to any queries or emergencies regarding radon levels in your home.

RADEX MR107 Advanced Radon Gas Detector

Another reliable radon detector for your home is the Radex-MR107 by Quarta Rad.

Although this device is quite more expensive than the two, it has high-quality construction.

It also has an accurate detection system that makes it worth the price.

You can use this portable battery-powered device anywhere you need, whether at home or in your workplace.

Most importantly, it provides accurate readings that update every hour automatically.

Along with that, the device also measures relative humidity and air temperature in your room.

That gives you extra information to improve your living environment.

Another thing we like about the Radex-MR107 by Quarta Rad is that you can use it remotely.

You can download the Windows software and configure your device from your computer.

Moreover, you don’t have to manually check the radon levels on your device since you can get alerts on your desktop.


Overall, this device is a safe and reliable option for your home if you don’t want to take an expensive lab test to check the presence of radon in your home.

All you have to do is install it in your home and get real-time readings every hour.

What more is that the installation process is straightforward, and you won’t have trouble customizing it.

You also get two alternative power source options.

With all those features at its price point, the Safety Siren Pro 3 Long Term Radon Detector is definitely a radon detector worth installing in your place.

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