7 sneaky places to hide a safe

Where do you put a safe? In a safe place, duh. But seriously, when it comes to safes, location is important, for a couple reasons.

For one, aesthetic reasons. Having a giant, clunky safe sticking out in your bedroom just looks distracting. For two, it adds a little extra security. If what you’re hiding is especially valuable, you should probably keep the safe away from people at all times. Even if it’s locked up tight, plenty of thieves have broken into safes.

So here are seven sneaky places to hide a safe.

In Your Attic or Basement

Let’s start by listing a simple location: your attic. Few people are going to pull open your attic door, climb up there, and dig through your Christmas decorations to find your safe. As for the basement, it’s noticeable if someone goes down there.

Tips and Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Don’t put it in an obvious spot. Hide it behind a bunch of boxes, or underneath the floor if possible.
  • For an attic, don’t put a safe over 1,000 pounds in there. A basement can fit a heavy safe, however.
  • Don’t forget to keep your basement and attic locked

In a Young Child’s Room

When you’re dealing with a thief, you have to remember that thieves usually won’t want to steal toys meant for three-year-olds. If you have a child, putting your safe in their bedroom may be your best bet.

Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

  • The key word here is young child. An older child may have a TV or console a thief may want.
  • Put it in a place where the child can’t access it, especially if the safe could possibly crush the child.

Fake Vent

Another sneaky place is to put it in the vent. The thief isn’t a secret agent who is going to crawl through your vents or anything. If you’re able to put a hole in the wall and put a vent in there, the fake vent can be the sneaky place you’re looking for.


  • Make sure the vent looks like the other vents in the house. A vent of a different color or a drastically different-sized vent can be a sign that something is up.

In a Bucket filled With Kitty Litter

If you have a cat, one place you can put a safe is in a bucket of fresh cat litter. No thief wants to dig through litter, and who would hide a safe in there? Well, you may, but most thieves aren’t going to be thinking of this.


  • This may not work if you have no cats. The thief may wonder why there is a bucket.
  • Keep the bucket away from your cat, possibly in a closet. You don’t want your kitty thinking it’s a litterbox. Though, that would make for an extra thief-proof way of hiding an object.

Floor, Under Furniture

The floor safe is something that is always good. If you can modify your floor, having a false part of it can help.

However, a thief may feel something funny under their feet. For extra security, put it under a couch. A thief isn’t going to be moving around a giant couch, which can be noisy.


  • Do this on the bottom floor.
  • Don’t put the feet of the couch on the false floor.

Bury It

Buried treasure! Yes, while it sounds a little silly, no thief is going to dig up your entire yard. Make sure you dig a hole deep enough to hold the safe, and mark it down on a map. That way, you won’t end up losing it yourself. Put the location of the treasure in a place where you can fetch it, such as on your phone or in another secret area.


  • Make sure to plant some grass or other vegetation over it so you don’t have a suspicious part of your yard.
  • Keep it away from your dog or anyone else who may be digging in your yard. Avoid putting it near any pipes.

A Diversion Safe

If you’re still out of ideas, one way that you can hide a safe in plain sight is through a diversion safe. This is an ordinary household object that has an opening, which you can put your valuables in.

Diversion safes can come in the form of a shaving cream can with a false bottom, or a hairbrush with a handle that opens up. If you need something bigger, you can find diversion safes in the form of tables with false bottoms in them. They can be a great way to add furniture or other decorations to your home, all while having a little extra security.


  • Get a diversion safe that also can be used for its normal purpose. For example, you can find Pringles can safes that have chips in them.
  • Make sure the diversion safe is in plain sight and isn’t somewhere where it can attract suspicion.


While your safe can protect your goods, hiding the safe in a location that’s harder to find can add some extra security to your belongings.

Whether it’s jewelry, cash, food, or another personal item, you need to keep it as safe as possible. Putting your belongings in a location that thieves can’t find, but you can, is one way you can accomplish this, and the possibilities are endless.

Do you have any unique places to put your safe? If so, we would love to hear what you have to say. Tell us in the comments below.

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