Tactical Walls Safe Review: Four Things to Know Before You Buy

Owning firearms is a hobby that can pay off, whether you’re an avid hunter or when you’re the hunted. However, any gun owner knows they need to keep their guns in a safe. Whether it’s to protect them from nosy friends, curious kids, or you just want a convenient place to store them, a safe can help.

Besides that, you’ll also want a safe that’s easy to access should a thief break-in, or you need to grab your guns without any delay. When you’re worried about danger, it can be a tall order to put your guns in a safe that takes forever to open. On the other hand, unless you’re hardcore, sleeping with a gun under your pillow may not be the smartest move.

That’s where a Tactical Wall safe comes in. It’s the right balance between safety, convenience, and accessibility. Let’s take a look at this company.

What’s Good About The Tactical Walls Safe?

Tactical Walls is a company that sells firearm safes that double as ordinary household objects. This idea is nothing new: you can easily find stash containers in any store that look like hairbrushes or shaving cream cans. However, Tactical Walls makes products specifically for firearms.

Some examples of products they make include a wall mirror that has a hidden safe, a wall clock with a safe hidden inside of it, and a coffee table with a secret compartment made to hold firearms. They even have a safe that is a tissue box!

The locking mechanism can vary depending on which products you buy. Most Tactical Walls safes use magnetic locking. What this means is that you use the included magnet to open it. With magnetic locking, an ordinary magnet you find on the fridge isn’t going to open it, so you can have some peace of mind knowing that a thief can’t use a fridge magnet they find in your home to open it.

Besides the fact that it hides your firearms in plain sight, it’s also much easier to access them when you’re low on time. When someone is inside your house, you need to get your gun as soon as possible. Now, let’s look at some more features.

The Items Are Functional

Tactical Walls can make you a safe that doubles as a functional household object. For example, if you get the wall clock, the clock works like an ordinary timepiece. It would be a little suspicious if someone came over and your clock was broken.

Meanwhile, you can buy ordinary coffee tables that guests won’t realize have firearms hidden right in them. Every time you look at yourself in the mirror, you’ll look at yourself in confidence, as you have guns hidden inside.

Easy to Access Your Guns

An ordinary home safe can be a great place to store your valuables, but when you’re low on time, it can be frustrating to enter your password or turn the knob. Especially if you have to search for the safe in the dark. When a thief is breaking into your home, you don’t get too much time to mess around. Tactical Walls safes make it much easier to grab your weapons when you need them as soon as possible. With its magnetic locking, you don’t have to waste time relocking it, either.

Perfect for a Smaller Home

If you live in a small apartment, you may not have the space to store your guns in a giant safe. Since Tactical Walls safes double as products that are in any home, they’re a great way to keep your weapons hidden while conserving space.

Offers a Little Bit of Choice

When you search for a shelf, one thing you may notice is that you can choose its size, and you can also pick where you want the safe to be. For example, a wall shelf can open from the top or the bottom depending on which one you pick. This is a small little detail, but we do like the variety this company has to offer.

Can Do/Can’t Do


  • These safes can store your weapons in a way that’s hidden in plain sight.
  • Tactical Walls safes double as ordinary products you’d find in a house. No suspicious safe that stands out.
  • You can access your weapons quickly using magnetic locks, which will then close.
  • Besides guns, you could hold more valuables. For example, put a secret stash in your bathroom mirror.


  • Tactical Walls safes cannot hold your entire gun collection. They can fit a couple of guns, but they’re made primarily for weapons you want to keep close in case if a thief breaks inside your home. For example, if you’re in the bathroom, you can open up a mirror safe, grab the gun inside, and get to work.
  • They can’t replace your entire household with hidden safes. As of this post, they aren’t offering couches or TVs with hidden compartments. Not yet, anyway!

How do You Use It?

Tactical walls safes are like any other piece of furniture you’ll get in the mail. When the safe arrives, you may have some assembly required. For instance, with a table, you may have to screw in the legs. With a mirror, you’ll have to hang it up.

Afterward, you need to figure out its magnetic lock. Read the instructions, and learn how to open and close it quickly. Being able to access the safe instantly is something everyone should learn how to do, as it can be the difference between life and death should a thief attack. The magnetic key should be fairly easy to use.

That’s about it. Luckily, these safes are made to be relatively simple, yet these products are a complex way to keep your weapons close.

What do the Reviews Say?

Tactical Walls products sound great and all, but you could also see how they’d go wrong. Cheaply made safes may have a hard time opening, or they feel cheap for the price.

Because these products are no longer available on Amazon, we had to do a little digging to see what the customers were saying. One good place to look was the Tactical Walls Facebook page. There, reviews have been almost all positive.

Most reviewers say that the products do exactly as described. Reviewers say that the furniture is nicely made and the guns are easy to store. Some also point out that the customer service is phenomenal. One reviewer had their products arrive damaged, and they said that Tactical Walls replaced the items and even gave them a $50 reimbursement for the trouble.

Of course, not everyone is going to be satisfied, but the negative reviews are few and far between.

How does it Compare?

Of course, when purchasing Tactical Wall products that conceal your weapons, you want to look at all the competitors. Let’s compare them to the competition.

Tactical Walls Safe Vs Covert Cabinets

Covert Cabinets doesn’t have a wide variety of wall safes, instead mainly focusing on a wall shelf that opens from the bottom. Like Tactical Walls, it uses magnets to open and close the safe.

What about the price? From what we gathered, Covert Cabinets products tend to be a bit cheaper in price. However, a lower price tends to bring lower quality. Reviews are a tad more mixed than Tactical Walls, with some reviews saying that the cabinets were harder to use and they were a little more unreliable.

We did try to go to Covert Cabinets’ website, and it was down for maintenance if you tried to go to the home page. When we tried to look at a certain product, we got a warning saying the site wasn’t secure. We will update this post when we can get access to the site and search around.

Vs Tactical Traps

Tactical Traps offers several walls safes, including a rustic American Flag decoration that has a safe hidden inside of it. It’s quite unique. Another cool product they offer is a whiskey barrel safe, which we do like.

What about the price? The price for Tactical Traps is about the same.

Reviews of Tactical Traps are about the same as Tactical Walls. Most customers say that the product came in and looked like what was advertised. Setting it up was like a piece of cake, according to what we’ve read. In addition, using the locking mechanism was easy too.

Overall, this is a worthy competitor. Before you give Tactical Walls products a purchase, search for a few Tactical Traps as well. You may find a good one.

Vs Liberty Home Concealment

As you can see, hidden gun storage furniture is high in competition. Liberty Home Concealment has quite a bit to offer, and it gives Tactical Walls a high run for its money. They have a variety of products that can be used to hide your guns. For example, they have a picture frame that you can use to put your gun in. They have a lamp too, which makes for a perfect bedside companion.

Their tables look quite nice as well. They have a rustic look to them, with some offering an American flag design. When it comes to price, it’s about the same. Some may find it a bit high, but that is the price one pays for quality.

This company has also received high praise. One Google search reveals the business has positive reviews. Most people say that Liberty Home Concealment offers high-quality products, and they’re worth purchasing.


Wall safes are not a new concept, and safes designed as furniture isn’t a new thing, either. However, Tactical Walls Safes, along with the other competitors, offer quality furniture that makes the safe industry like new.

One way to choose a product is to think about what household object you want the most. Say your mirror broke and you need a new one. Perhaps you could search Tactical Walls Safe and see what types of mirror safes they offer.

You may have moved into a new house and want a coffee table or drawer. Again, search them and see what you can find.

We do like this company, and we recommend it for you if you want to search for a creative new way to hide your guns. In these uncertain times, having a place to store your guns that’s easy to access may be something worth investing in. Check out Tactical Walls and see what products they have to offer. You may come out with a new purchase that you won’t regret.

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